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Kyle's Wish to meet the Denver Outlaws

“ Best day of my life! ”

- Kyle, wish child

Kyle's Wish Scores at Bouquet of Wishes gala

  • Kyle meets his favorite Lacrosse goalie, Jesse Schwartzman!

  • Kyle hung out with the Denver Outlaws during the game. He even got to check the stats with the Coach!

  • The Denver Outlaws Dancers were excited to meet Kyle!

Kyle, from East Islip, is a 12 year old boy with an old soul, a very kind heart, and cystic fibrosis.   Kyle put much thought into what he wanted his heartfelt wish to be.  “I considered many possibilities,” said Kyle. “Not only Disney, but going around the world, going to the FBI or Air Force bases, having a huge treehouse…”  Kyle decided that more than anything, he wanted to meet his favorite Major League Lacrosse goalie, Jesse Schwartzman, of the Denver Outlaws. 

During Make-A-Wish Suffolk County’s 20th annual Bouquet of Wishes gala on May 8th, Kyle received the surprise of a lifetime.  While on stage at Villa Lombardi’s in Holbrook, President & CEO, Karine Hollander, called Kyle up to talk to the crowd about the importance of anticipating a wish.  “The wish experience begins at the moment a child knows that they can make a wish,” said Karine.  “It’s when their imagination starts to wander and their focus shifts away from what they’re dealing with; it’s sort of an escape.”  “I waited so long because…I wanted to make sure I picked the right [wish],” Kyle said. 

“Well Kyle, we have a surprise for you,” Karine announced.  “You are leaving next week for Denver, Colorado, to meet the Outlaws!”  Unexpectedly, the dining room doors burst open and the Stony Brook Cheerleading squad, accompanied by the East Islip High School marching band playing “Don’t Stop Believin’,” entered the dining room to the surprise of over 750 guests.  Guests now knew why cheerleading pompoms were placed on their tables and they began to pump their fists in the air in tune with the band.  Kyle’s face glowed with happiness and shock as Karine told him there was more.  His favorite player, Jesse Schwartzman, had made a special video message just for him.  “Hey Kyle…heard I get to meet you in a couple weeks, I cannot wait!  We’re going to have a great time,” Schwartzman said.  “We’ll teach you some tricks in the goal; we’ll have a catch, maybe even eat some vanilla ice cream and play some Wii.  Can’t wait to have you out here in Denver and hope you’re doing well Bud, see you soon.” 

The following week, Kyle and his family were on a plane Westbound to Colorado.  Thanks to the assisting Make-A-Wish Colorado chapter, Kyle arrived to many fun surprises in his room including cupcakes, movies, books and souvenirs! The next day Kyle was able to meet the team and practice with them.  They even gave him his own personalized locker cubby. “He got to hang out with all the players,” Kyle’s mom Dayna said.  “They were awesome! I loved seeing the smile on his face and how excited he was!”  That night Kyle and the team had an ice cream party in the locker room.  During the game the next day, the coach let Kyle break down the team huddle. Kyle hung out with the players and the coaches as they went over the statistics.  He even joined them on the field for timeouts and conferences.  Kyle’s interview during halftime played on the JumboTron at the game!  The Outlaws went on to beat the Rochester Rattlers 14-8.  “Best day of my life,” Kyle said.  He is officially the newest member of the Denver Outlaws family!

I loved seeing the smile on his face and how excited he was! ”

— Dayna, Kyle's mom

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Dayna Norton

The whole wish experience was amazing. Make A Wish is an amazing organization that really does know how to make a big difference in a child's life. Kyle had an amazing time and I loved seeing the smile on his face. Thank you also to the Make A Wish of Colorado for taking such good care of us while there. The Denver Outlaws are an amazing organization and we love that we are apart of their team now. Thank you again for everything you have done for our family.

August 06, 2014 - 11:31 AM

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