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Grace Muggles Her Way into a Sold-Out Play

Grace wished to go to London to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child

“ You need to give kids something that makes them want to stay alive and if they lose that, then no amount of medicine in the world is going to help them… ”

- Grace, wish child

When Grace was eleven, her mother had to inform her of something that no child ever wants to hear. She had to tell her that she had cancer, specifically Osteosarcoma, also known as bone cancer. Grace, who had been an avid athlete her whole life had to put sports on hold as she fought her battle with cancer. There was one love however that kept her fighting, her love for the Harry Potter series.

Grace learned about the Harry Potter series from her cousin when she was seven years old. She felt that the books were the one thing that never let her down as she battled her fight with cancer. After years of waiting for a once in a lifetime opportunity Grace, now 17, wished to go to London to see the sold out play, Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, the long awaited eighth installment of the Harry Potter Saga. Grace was led to believe that the play was sold out and therefore was extremely surprised and overwhelmed with excitement when she learned that she and her family would be going to see both Parts 1 and 2 of the play on the same day.

On July 27th, Grace arrived at the Palace Theatre glowing in a golden dress accompanied by her Mom, Dad and two brothers. After the show, the family was greeted by many of the cast members including the actors who played Harry and Ginny Potter. When asked about the show, Grace said that it exceeded her expectations but refused to give any more details because the show was still in previews.

“You need to give kids something that makes them want to stay alive and if they lose that, then no amount of medicine in the world is going to help them,” said Grace when asked about the impact a wish can have on a child. “I would say thank you for giving that to me and to kids that I know probably need it as well.”

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