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Cassie Says Bonjour to Paris

  • Cassie visits Monet’s Garden during her time in France.

  • Cassie’s dream to visit the Eiffel Tower officially comes true.

  • Cassie’s dream to visit the Eiffel Tower officially comes true.

  • Cassie visits her favorite animal at the lion exhibit in Thoiry Park.

“ I would like to see what I see in pictures and actually go to it. ”

- Cassie, wish child

Paris is known to many as the City of Love. When Cassie was five years old she came to her mom and said that her and her best friend were going to meet twin French boys, move to Paris and marry them. While she was too young to embark on this adventure, Cassie never seemed “to grow out of” her love for the city of lights as she grew older.

At age two Cassie was diagnosed with FSGS, a rare kidney disease that causes scarring in the kidneys. Despite the frequent doctor and hospital visits, Cassie always had a desire to give back. She participated in fundraisers for children battling the same condition and wanted do anything she could to help others. When approached by her wish granters about ideas for her wish, Cassie had no trouble deciding that she wanted to go to Paris. In April of 2016, Cassie was presented with a card at her home stating that her wish would be coming true. After crying tears of joy and celebrating with her best friend, Cassie was able to fully embrace that her dream was finally going to come true. On August 3rd, Cassie’s wish became a reality as her and her family boarded their flight to France.

While in Paris, Cassie embraced the French lifestyle. From wearing a beret and taking pictures in front of the Eiffel tower with her stuffed Tiger to making her first Euro purchases, Cassie took in the all of what the city had to offer. One of the highlights of her trip was getting to have a VIP feline encounter at Thoiry Park, which is a popular zoo in France. Cassie and her family were able to witness how the animals food was prepared, how they are fed and even were able to walk in a tunnel that went through the exhibits. While walking through the tunnel, they were lucky to see a lion walk right over their heads! Another highlight from her trip was visiting Monet’s Garden. Cassie and her family were able to stroll through the grounds that are covered with beautiful pink and purple flowers and she even stopped to pose for pictures as she strolled across a lovely green bridge.

Cassie always said to her mom that “[she] would like to see what [she] sees in pictures and actually go to it.” Now she has her own pictures to look back on and be reminded of the wonderful memories made in the City of Lights.

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